Monday, September 19, 2011

Whew! So Fun We Almost Lost Our Heads!!!

I would describe the last day of the bead shop hop at Brea Bead Works as delightful chaos. The day started with us searching for our heads- literally. One of our amazing customers was looking for just the right frozen Charlotte heads for a special class she will be teaching. After a little hunting through our back-stock boxes she picked 13 cute as a button heads. 

Crystal and I were thrilled to meet so many amazing mixed media artists. Brea has an absolutely stunning class schedule with top notch teachers in ALL disciplines. I really mean all. The samples in the store are amazing. I brought home one of the class schedules so I can pick something to attend after Glitterfest. 

We had a really busy day at Brea. I think the words 'feeding frenzy" were used. Crystal and I learned so much about preparing for a busy trunk show. 

1. Bring a calculator with a print out. ( I thought it was me but turns out our pink calculator sucks!)

2. You cannot have too many receipt books or credit card tape.

3. Pack a protein bar. 

4. Always book shows at amazing bead stores like Brea!!

5. Get bags for our ephemera!

We grow and learn with each show and really appreciate all of our customers that come out to see us at each location! We had a raffle this weekend and the winner is Connie Romero!!! The winner for last weekend at San Gabriel is Mary Fleming!!! Congrats!

A huge Thank You to Brea Bead Works!!

Now Crystal and I have to get our art on for Glitterfest Oct 15 and hunt for new and exciting treasures! Check back often as we will begin listing fall/winter trunk shows. for all the details!

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  1. It was great meeting the two of you!

    I've got your etsy shop in my favorites now, and I look forward to your next visit to "my" bead store.